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Reminder for a patient:
  • The session lasts 45 minutes. The timetable of the sessions is strictly observed as by the center's staff and patients, so the late in the sessions are not allowed.
  • It is recommended to eliminate the use of perfumes and other sharply smelling cosmetics.
  • The patient must be prepared in advance for the procedure: to strip off the outer clothing and shoes and to wear socks (shoe covers).
  • The patient should arrive 10 minutes prior to the procedure.
  • The patient should not leave the salt cave (only in the case of emergency).
  • To maximize the relaxing effect of the procedure the patient should take a designated chair.
  • It is forbidden to use electronic devices (laptops, phones, etc.) in the salt cave.
  • It is forbidden to bring food and drinks, as well as books, bags and other foreign objects.
  • The entrance to the salt cave is strictly prohibited for the patients in the influence of alcohol and drug intoxication.
  • The exacerbation of the disease during the course is not a sign of treatment failure; on the contrary, it is the expected reaction of the body, typical for the process of destruction of the sustainable pathology.
  • The pregnant women and patients with chronic diseases need to be previously consulted with a doctor;
  • The patients with acute infectious diseases and fever are not allowed to the salt chamber.

Application of halotherapy in the preventive measures and the treatment of respiratory disease

Numerous studies prove that halotherapy provides a significant improvement in chronic respiratory diseases, various types of allergies, sinusitis and other pathologies.

Based on 40-year studies conducted worldwide, it was proved that halotherapy is a very effective for patients suffering from:

The sputtered particles of the salt aerosol have a bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect, a positive effect on the microflora of respiratory tract, stimulate bronchial epithelium. As a result, it stimulates the blood supply of the bronchi, reducing an edema. Halotherapy eliminates the number of neutrophils and other pathogens, reduces inflammation and edema of the nasal mucosa, throat and paranasal sinuses, that is especially important in case of chronic pharyngitis, rhinitis and sinusitis.

Halotherapy is actively used to improve the condition of children and adults suffering from various diseases of the respiratory system. It is not only contributes to the upcoming release of a patient from the acute condition, but also increases the duration of remission reducing pill burden. Halotherapy may improve the expectoration of sputum and relieve the patient's breathing. Halotherapy allows you to cope with such unpleasant diseases like allergic and vasomotor rhinitis, adenoiditis, rhinitis, sinusitis and antritis. Visit to the salt caves after a puncture of maxillary sinuses favours the acceleration of mucosa healing, prevents suppurative processes that largely avoids repeated puncture. Halotherapy is effective as a preventive measure in the treatment of diseases of the bronchi and lungs. Weekly visits to the salt caves in the transitional seasons (spring and autumn) significantly reduce the risk of acute rotavirus. Because of these factors halotherapy is especially recommended for babies, pupils, smokers and persons engaged in the hazardous production facilities.

Application Halotherapy for treatment of skin diseases

Halotherapy is widely used in cosmetics: skin improvement is due to nutritional, exfoliating and rejuvenating properties of the natural salt. The improving of microcirculation allows strengthening of the effectiveness of cosmetic products. Halotherapy helps with the allergic reactions and skin disorders such as rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, pustular and fungal infections, acne, especially when combined with bronchopulmonary pathology. The systematic visit to halochamber beneficial effects on skin and hair and has a rejuvenating effect. The improving of microcirculation and reduction of tissue edema do halotherapy effective to fight cellulite.

Application of halotherapy for the harmonization of the psycho-emotional state and the general tone of the body

The saline solution used in halotherapy generates negative ions which have a cleaning effect on the overall organism. That's the negative ions are able to cope with:

Halotherapy can cope with neuroses, insomnia and vascular dystonia. The course of halotherapy allows older patients to reduce the pill burden, to improve immunity and to reduce symptoms of numerous diseases.

Halotherapy is a completely safe procedure due to the use of natural salt in very small concentrations. Because of this, children, pregnant women and patients with hypertension can visit the salt cave without any restrictions. Halotherapy is a great way of the body healing. Halotherapy enhances the immunity, strengthens the protective functions of the body allowing it full force to fight viral and infectious diseases, and to resist effectively the toxins, allergens and harmful substances.

Application of halotherapy for children

The simplicity and the absence of adverse effects make it possible to use this method for the treatment of very young patients. Doctors recommend visiting the salt cave for children of three years of age and older, although there are no restrictions even for kids of one year of age. Halotherapy allows to cope with the transitional seasons (spring, autumn) where it is often so easy to catch a viral infection. Halotherapy is useful for young patients suffering from bronchitis and frequent diseases of the ear-nose-throat, ARI, cough, dyspnea and asthma. It is especially useful to visit the salt cave for children who live in the metropolitan areas that can not show the excellent environment. Halotherapy reduces the pill burden, thereby reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Halotherapy is effective as a preventive measure in the treatment of diseases of the bronchi and lungs. Weekly visits to the salt cave in the transitional seasons (spring and fall) significantly reduce the risk of acute rotavirus. It is because of these factors halotherapy is especially recommended for babies and pupils.

Halotherapy in pregnancy

Halotherapy is an excellent tool for the removal of toxicity, so the expectant mother can safely abandon the unnecessary medications that can adversely affect the health of the unborn baby. The visit to the halochamber provides the expectant mother with a good mood and complete relaxation.

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